To promote family farming means to stimulate economic development in the region and fight against hunger and poverty. For that reason, the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, FAO RLC, publishes the Family Farming Newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean,  a quarterly publication that seeks to disseminate information on family farms through interviews systematization of good practices and presentation of various information about the reality of family farming in the region. The last issue of the newsletter shows the COMET-LA project as an example of good practice.

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Boletín de Agricultura Familiar de América Latina y el Caribe - Octubre - Diciembre 2013

The community of Comaltepec, supported by the Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM and the association “Estudios Rurales y Asesoría Campesina” ERA, both members of COMET-LA, has launched its website. The internet page has been conceived and designed by the community in order to systematize activities in of the COMET-LA project but also all the decisions taken within the community and disseminate information mainly among people living outside the community.

The website shall contribute to the development of COMET-LA learning arena encouraging the dissemination of good practices and lessons learned in the field of forest management and land use.

To visit the Comaltepec website, please click on the following link: