The pdfX Biodiversity Forum of the Spanish Committee of IUCN, “Designing sustainable models of governance and natural resource management in order to face environmental challenges” will be performed in the framework of the project "COMET-LA" (COmmunity-based Management of EnvironmenTal challenges in Latin America).

The Spanish Committee of IUCN, through collaboration with the Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN Med) offers a workshop on "applications of categories and criteria of the IUCN Red List."

The meeting focused on community management initiatives as a tool to mitigate the effects of climate change and to involve the population in adaptation strategies.

Community management of natural resources and the challenges that climate change means for it have been the main focus of the X Biodiversity Forum of the Spanish Committee of IUCN: "Designing sustainable governance and management models for the sustainable management of natural resources to face environmental challenges "held at the University of Cordoba (UCO) on the 24th and 25th of September. 

On Friday September 27 the Researchers’ Night was held in Córdoba, an initiative within the PEOPLE Programme (7th Framework Programme of the European Union). The aim of the Researchers' Night was to approach people to science issues. This initiative takes place simultaneously in over 200 European cities since 2005.

This Simpleshow created by the James Hutton Institute and GRID-Arendal helps to explain Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes. It has been produced as part of the James Hutton Institute - UNESCO Global Dialogue on Water Ecosystem Services.

María del Mar Delgado, COMET-LA coordinator, describes the main advances in COMET-LA, mainly in the characterization of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico's Social Ecological Systems and in the main variables influencing sustainability.

The 4th COMET-LA Newsletter is now available! It will give readers insight in the current events of the project, as well as information on what we’ve done since the last issue.

To read the newsletter, please click on the following link:

 pdfCOMET-LA-Newsletter January 2014

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