New Doctor joins the academic community

  09 February 2015

Pablo Andrés Ramos, COMET-LA's researcher affiliated to the Colombian branch of the project, has presented his PhD dissertation, Linking Social and Ecological Systems in Afro-Colombian Common Property Lands: Socio-Environmental Conflict and Institutional Change in Water and Biodiversity Management, this February 2nd at the University of Erfurt, Germany.

The thesis has been elaborated as a co-tutelle between the University of Erfurt and the University of Cordoba and co-supervised by Professor Florian Hoffman and Professor Mª del Mar Delgado. The thesis challenges the idea of conflict as a negative issue and explores how conflict can be a trigger of positive institutional changes. It analyses these topics in COMET-LA's Colombian study case.

Pablo Andrés Ramos was awarded with the Suma Cum Laude distinction, the highest acknowledgement of the academic system in Germany.

Congratulations, Dr. Ramos!