COMET-LA results elevated to IUCN World Parks Congress

  19 November 2014

COMET-LA's recommendations to improve natural resource governance took to the IUCN World Parks Congress, thereby elevating to international level results from the project, the Consultation Panel and proposals identified at the Final Policy Conference. The World Parks Congress hold on 12-19 November in Sydney, Australia, attended by more than 6,000 experts from 170 countries who shared innovative conservation and development experience, besides reflecting on protected area governance and management. The Promise of Sydney drew up during the event, a manifesto that will inspire the protected area conservation programme in the coming decade.

The Spanish IUCN Committee (CeUICN) held a parallel event at the Congress, titled "Improving Governance of Protected Areas". The event generated a space to reflect on essential aspects of good protected area governance, in order to reach consensus with members from various IUCN regions on respective positions ahead of the next World Conservation Congress in 2016.

To that end, the Spanish IUCN Committee shared what it has learned from COMET-LA and transmit key factors for determining bottom-up sustainable governance models identified in the Final Policy Conference.

To fuel that debate, good practices of the Spanish IUCN members with respect to protected area conservation, sustainable natural resource governance and the importance of local knowledge when developing conservation initiatives set out. Likewise, because the purpose was to reach consensus on motions, recommendations from the diagnosis on the extent of implementation of resolutions and recommendations approved at the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju put forward, because to generate new positions it is necessary to learn from successes and mistakes in application of previously approved IUCN resolutions and recommendations, including the three approved ones concerning the COMET-LA project case studies.