CONGRATULATIONS Judith Olivera, Maria Eugenia Moreno and Martin R. Sotelo: COMET-LA PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS!

  23 September 2014

The winners of the COMET-LA Photo Competition are Judith Olivera, Maria Eugenia Moreno and Martin R. Sotelo

Judith Olivera, Maria Eugenia Moreno and Martin R. Sotelo are the winners of the "COMET-LA Photo Competition: Photographs of the socio-ecological systems in your territory" in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, respectively. The prizes were awarded during the visit of the international team of the project to Latin America in July.

The purpose of this contest was to raise the awareness of the population on the importance of taking care of the environment and of bearing in mind the different stages of the project: characteristics of socio-ecological systems, problems and key factors in these systems, and the community's best practices to deal with them.

Competitors captured in their pictures many of the aspects studied during the workshops organised throughout the project: the way they perceive their own territory, their customs, their systems of governance (socio-ecological system), the problems each of the community is facing (prospective structural analysis) and the best practices employed to fight them (actions to face future scenarios).
Photographs by winners and runners-up will be exhibited in Mexico during COMET-LA's final political conference, which will be held on the 10th-11th of November, 2014.

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