Colombia (3)


The Community Council of Black Communities of the Upper and Middle and Lower Calima Dagua partners Colombia COMET-LA project, participated in the 2014-2015 version of Elinor Ostrom Prize. This award was created to honor and develop the legacy of the Nobel Prize in Economics over the government of the commons that aims to: recognize and promote academic work and applied to young scientists, professionals and organizations in the field of the commons .

In the case of these Community Councils under the guise of civil society in Colombia, have been nominated by their high degree of efficiency and success in community-based programs to ensure the welfare of communities and maintaining collective ownership of the territories especially with respect to watershed protection and rich in forests, water and biodiversity.

The process of selection of the prize winners have finished. We all wish luck ito these Colombian organizations and support them in their initiative to continue working on development models that seek the conservation of natural resources.


COMET-LA Team, Colombia

May 8 and 9, Maria Adelaida Farah, Maya and Diana Evelyn Garrido Pontificia Javeriana University, visited the city of Buenaventura, to meet their partners at the field level.