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Exciting interview with the members of COMET-LA Argentina to explain the objectives of the project

("Hola Peuhen"; Argentina, May 19th 2012)

The IADO-CONICET, UNS and Aquamarina stress the need for an integrated management of water resources of the estuary.

Bahia Blanca, 1/2/2013.- Bahía Blanca estuary is a habitat for biodiversity conservation. This wetland area designated as an Important Nearctic Migratory Bird Conservation in the Southern Cone of South America, hosts endangered species such as olrog’s gulls or salicornia rings, but it is highly vulnerable, because it has a water turnover rate very low. In the context of the World Wetlands Day, the Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO) belonging to CONICET, theUniversidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) and the NGO Aquamarina, insist that it is necessary to develop a strategy for Integrated Water Resources Management in the estuary.

President of Konex Foundation, Dr. Luis Ovsejevich and President of the Grand Jury Award Konex 2013, Dr. Mario A. J. Mariscotti, reported that the Grand Jury has selected the 100 most prominent personalities in the last decade of Science and Technology in Argentina (2003-2012), formed by the appointment of quintets in 20 disciplines.