COMET-LA took part in the European Commission Workshop "Fostering innovative dialogue between researchers and stakeholders to meet future challenges”

  18 July 2013

Maria del Mar Delgado, COMET-LA coordinator, and Tania de la Fuente, project partner coordinator on behalf of CeUICN, attended the meeting organized by the European Commission that took place in Brussels on 10th and 11th June: "Fostering innovative dialogue between researchers and stakeholders to meet future challenges: Land, Soil, Desertification, Urban and Community-Based Environmental Management".

The workshop was designed as an interesting forum for discussion between researchers, representatives of civil society and enterprises. The interaction needed between these sectors and the relevance of research they perform together articulated the presentations and the debates. The European Commission is keen to hear the views and the results obtained by different kinds of actors when they work together.

During the meeting, Maria del Mar Delgado presented the advances made so far in the project COMET-LA, with particular emphasis on working methods launched in order to develop the learning arena that articulates the relationship between scientists and stakeholders in the project. Among the results obtained by COMET-LA she highlighted the challenges arising from the combination of environmental sustainability strategies with strategies for economic and social sustainability and the need to incorporate these aspects deepening in future researches priorities.

Moreover the meeting has been an opportunity to networking and experiences exchange between project managers of several community –based environmental management initiatives under the FP7 programme: Grégoire Leclerc, EcoAdapt project, Ron Kingham and Jay Mistry, COBRA project, Bettina Matzdorf of Civi-net and Christian Vogl, COMBIOSERVE project. Contact between the five coordinators and the Project Officer has triggered the launch of a series of joint initiatives that will certainly increase the impact and usefulness of these projects. Knowing how to approach the study of community management of these projects and their challenges is a unique opportunity to share synergies and enrich the analysis.

Given the need to maintain this connection, the coordinators of these initiatives will be invited to explain their actions during the forum "Design of sustainable development models of governance and management of natural resources from environmental challenges". The event will be organized by CeUICN in Cordoba on 24th and 25th September in the framework of dissemination and upscaling tasks of COMET-LA project.