To promote family farming means to stimulate economic development in the region and fight against hunger and poverty. For that reason, the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, FAO RLC, publishes the Family Farming Newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean,  a quarterly publication that seeks to disseminate information on family farms through interviews systematization of good practices and presentation of various information about the reality of family farming in the region. The last issue of the newsletter shows the COMET-LA project as an example of good practice.

To read the Family Farming Newsletter, please click on the following link:

Boletín de Agricultura Familiar de América Latina y el Caribe - Octubre - Diciembre 2013

Civil and scientific organisations are looking for local solutions to environmental problems to which Latin America is facing. Good practises carried out with local communities are being studied in Colombia, México and Argentina.

(Córdoba, España, 13-15 de febrero de 2012)

On June 13, 2012, the project coordinator, Maria del Mar Delgado Serrano, presented the challenges of research on climate change and the project COMET-LA to secondary school students.

The Nobel Prize in Economic Policy and inspiring COMET-LA, Elinor Ostrom, died after fighting against cancer on June 12, 2012 at the age of 78. The COMET-LA members are deeply touched by his loss.

The day of her death, the last article of Professor Ostrom, "Green from the Grassroots",was published by Project Syndicate.

COMET-LA E-Newsletters Nº 1 (Jul-12)
Important progress of the project during the last six months.


IHDP announces the topic of its second writing contest for the next issue of the DIMENSIONS magazine : The human dimension of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
(Spain, Jul 25th)


In the magazine of the University of Cordoba TRUCO, refers to the COMET-LA project, helping to the diffusion ofprojectamong students, researchers and thegeneralUniversity Community.

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During the meeting we will work with local communities in workshops to characterize the situation of socio-ecological systems in each case of study.

Prioritiesof project COMET-LA forthree cases studieshave been presented and given the approval intheVWorld Conservation Congress. This will shed light to the environmental issue at the three countries and will put more preassure to solving it.

Moción México Moción Colombia Moción Argentina

Scientistsandlocalcommunitiesanalyze the relationshipbetween natural resourcesandthepeople from the territoryto identifysustainablemanagement models.